Midi skirts

No knees please
Ever since I can imagine I’m looking for the perfect skirt. In my case it has to meet a very important criterium: it has to cover up my knees. Sure, I appreciate all of my body parts, but let’s face it: some more than others ;) In my opinion there is nothing wrong with emphasizing the good and cleverly handling lesser areas.

midi skirts asos

Midi skirts

Maybe that’s why I love the current midi skirt trend so much. Decently on or above the knee,
accentuating the waist and paired with heels works for me. Here are some pretty nice examples. Which are all available – at least – up to size 46.

midi skirts modclothModcloth

Inspired by nature

Red Beach
Every September there is an area in Northeast China where the seaweeds turn from orange to pink to flamingo red. So vividly that you have to see it to believe it. It is called Red Beach. I would love to go there someday. During our travels around the world, we saw some pretty amazing wonders of nature. It was then that my love for nature blossomed. Luckily there are still so many breathtaking landscapes to discover.

That nature is also an inspiration for art and fashion is no wonder. Especially when autumn comes you see amazing colors inspired by nature hanging in the shops. Straight out of a deep dark forest. How about: moss green, chestnut brown or berry red. So next time when you wear your burgundy red dress or your rosewood red coat just remember Red Beach. Will you meet me there some
September afternoon?

red beach 1

red 11. Bandolera 2. Violeta by Mango 3. Toast

red beach 2

red 2
1. Toast 2. Monsoon 3. Junarose

red beach 3

Top 3 favorite shops for inbetweenies

Have you noticed that the internet is full of lists? From 10 Forgotten Hollywood scandals to 10 Fatal food fiasco’s. From the top 3 Best apples to bake with to the top 3 Weirdest names. We seem to just love ranking things. So in order to keep up with current trends I made my own top:

My top 3 favorite shops for inbetweenies (up to size 46)

Of course it’s just my preference at this moment. And the order is completely random. No winners or losers: every one of these is great! ;)  These are all shops that sell beautiful clothes with good quality and lovely details AND are also suitable for women with sizes up to 46. Perfect for
accentuating your best features!

1. Expresso
Dutch label with shops all over Holland and a good online shop. Classy, elegant, many new
collections per year, easy to combine. Read more on Expresso here. Shop Expresso here.

Expresso shop 1

2. Summum Woman
Also Dutch but sold all over the world. Fine quality in fabrics, great fit, stunning details and colors, feminine, easy to combine, nice prints. Read more on Summum here. Shop Summum here.

Summum shop 2

3. White Stuff
A label from the UK. Also sold online. For an artistic look, funny details, bright colors, great prints, original, has that handmade feel about it. Read more on White Stuff here. Shop White Stuff here.

White stuff shop 3

If you’re ‘inbetween sizes’ what are your favorite shops? I love to hear it!



snorfestival 6

Lovely Sunday
Yesterday was fun! I went with a friend to the Snorfestival at camping de Lievelinge in Vuren. What a great way to spent (probably) the last day of summer. The event was organized by Uitgeverij Snor who publish cute books like: ‘Zwangerschapsboek voor mannen’, ‘Soepkalender’, and ‘On Fire’ a bbq book for women. (duh, as if we need that ;)

Bloggers Fair
Also Yvonne from the Yvestown blog brought her gang of fellow bloggers to sell their handmade products in the Yvestownfair. Zilverblauw, Urlaub, Wood Wool Stool and MondaysMilk, it was fun to see them ‘in the flesh’. I absolutely fell in love with a rug from Villa Bloemenhof (first picture). That would be perfect for our beach house!

A new cookbook and a new resolution
Yvonne presented her new cookbook ‘De Weekend Breakfast book’. I had my eye on her first
cookbook though, in which she combines delicious recipes with some amazing interiors from her friends. All that in beautifully styled photo’s and artwork. Can’t wait to try and taste. I already saw some salads which will fit in perfectly with my new resolution (yes, it’s that kind of Monday again ;) to reduce my carbohydrates. Not primarily to lose weight (I won’t lie, it would be a nice side effect) but to improve my health. Yeah, right ;) I’ll keep you posted on that!

Real people


Customers as models
When you’re Dutch you have probably seen it these last weeks. The new underwear commercial from Zeeman. Instead of professional models,  they have used their own (very divers) clients to show their underwear collection. With this campaign Zeeman wants to point out that they have
underwear in many shapes and forms for everybody regardless their shape or form.

triumph 1

I really applaud the fact that more and more companies are willing to show a more divers and real representation of today’s society in their campaigns. Of course marketeers are picking up on the real and authentic trend. And it almost looks like being ‘real’ is becoming an image. But whatever the reason behind it, I find the results very sympathetic. Just like another underwear brand that spreads the same message as Zeeman, but in a different form.

triumph 3

Sensual shapewear
For their new shapewear collection Triumph used real models. Whereas Zeemans commercial is very down to earth, Triumph choose to be a bit more glamorous. They asked one of the most
famous fashion photographers Marc Hom to shoot the campaign. It resulted in absolutely stunning pictures. Triumphs motto: “every woman, regardless age, shape or size deserves to feel sensual and good in their own skin.”  I must say shapewear never looked this good!

triumph 4

triumph 2

triumph 5

More info on Triumps shapewear: www.artysensation.nl and Zeeman: www.zeeman.com

Toast is ready for autumn

Stunning lookbook
Here’s a peak at the autumn collection from Toast. An English label I talked about earlier that makes beautiful, high quality, contemporary clothes and home accessories. Most items are
available up to size 18 (mt 46). And wow, what a good job they did on their october lookbook.
Absolutely breathtaking pictures! Oh and if you’re planning a trip to London any time soon?
Be sure to visit their shop in trendy Islington. (more tips for inbetweenies in London, click here)

toast oktober 2014 5

toast oktober 2014 2

toast oktober 2014 4

toast oktober 2014 1

toast oktober 2014 3

toast oktober 2014 6

toast oktober 2014 7

Up close and personal

Instagram love
Ever since I started this blog I’m getting more and more involved in other social media as well.
Instagram for instance. I just love it. For me it’s a chance to be creative and to document my life in a beautiful way. And not to mention the inspiration you can get from people you follow. For those of you who are not into instagram here some of my latest snapshots. We had a great holiday in
Portugal and a nice city trip to Hamburg. To follow my instagram account just click the icon in the sidebar.


Expresso for everybody

expresso f

Let’s put the spotlight on Dutch fashion brand Expresso today. Ideal for inbetweenies who like to look feminine and chic. For years now they design and sell clothes for all kinds of women. Their size range goes from size 34 up to size 46! Without compromising on style, fabric or fit. All this we owe to the founder of Expresso: Tilly Garcia Sluijs.

expresso b

Broad measurements
In an interview on the Expresso site, she states that she thinks it is very important to have broad measurements. “I simply looked at what I see on the streets. Us Dutch women don’t always fit the small sized Italian or French labels. I really get inspired when I see how confident and happy a woman can get when wearing the right outfit.”

expresso g

At a young age
Tilly started out at an early age behind the sewing machine from her mother, where she made her own dresses for her dolls. The love for fashion has grown from there. Inspiration is all around. Tilly finds it by looking at art, interior design and daily life. Also secondhand stores trigger her imagination. She genuinely admires to see with how much love vintage clothes have been made.

expresso i

Follow your heart
When the collection of Expresso expanded, it was time to open up a store. The first one opened in 2002 in Amstelveen. Many followed. Today Expresso has 26 stores, 27 shop-in-shops and is being sold in lots of multi brand stores. “It was never my ambition to make Expresso as big as it is today.” Tilly says. “I just followed my heart and kept doing what I love to do most. As a matter of fact I still do. I can recommend this to everyone.”

expresso a

Dare to skip some trends
The secret for success is that besides the broad measurements Expresso is a label that goes her own way. The design team don’t follow trends just like that. They believe that some trends you have to dare to skip.

expresso c

Be happy
Tilly’s ultimate styling tip corresponds well with that philosophy. “Fashion trends come and go. Not everything is good for everyone. Look at what suits you. What do you want to express with that. Does it make you more fun and even more important, does it make you happy? You should always be happy with the choices you make.”

expresso e More info: Expresso

Drifting through Venice

summum aw2014 1

Autumn collection
With my super and sunny holiday still in mind, I must admit I have to get used to the  dutch
weather all over again. It was chilly this morning! Luckily this weather is perfect to get in the mood for the new autumn collections. They are in the shops already…

summum aw2014 2

Stunning campaign Summum
Dutch brand Summum is a fashion label I really like. First of all because their sizes (up to 46) are suitable for inbetweenies. The clothes have a great fit. Whether you’re a size 38 or a size 46. (The tigerprint dress was a hit for me this summer) Besides that, their clothes are simply stylish and beautifully made.

summum aw2014 5

Drifting through Venice
For the autumn & winter looks the creative team of Summum shot a stunning campaign in
Venice. Wow, if that won’t get us in the mood, nothing will. Autumn, bring it on!

Click here for my previous article on Summum.

summum aw2014 3

summum aw2014 4